Monday, February 4, 2019

Lily’s Second Life Haven

Lily Swindlehurst has been a part of Second Life since 2007 and has been helping new residents for many years.

I met Lily at Help People Island back in December 2009 when I first started and I am here with her today catching up on old times.

Lily can you tell us about your experiences in Second Life and where it has taken you so far?

Hi Pandora,

Currently I am Co-owner of Helping Haven Gateway and Owner of Living Memories Memorial Garden.

I joined in 2007 were I ran a club OSBC for a year and a half with my partner who is now my RL man CharlesDe Beaumont, yes we are still together and happy in RL.

I became an SL mentor also.

I joined Help People Island ( HPI) in 2009 until it closed in 2011 as a supervisor, helping both new and old residents with SL issues.

In Sept 2011 we ( Lily Swindlehurst, Aullere Ocello, CharlesDe Beaumont and Notfragile Gausman) formed Helping Haven, for the last seven years since we have continued the good work here, we gained Gateway status in 2016 becoming Helping Haven Gateway. 

I am in world most days, helping people, adding to our shops, organising our calendar, we still provide our unique mix of great help, free shops, free homes, breakfast club, classes and events. We have recently added many more items to the free shops which now have live models and upgraded the plaza and club area. 

We are always on the  look out for new team members so any volunteers feel free to IM me in world if you are interested.

I enjoy very much working with the wonderful team of over 100 helpers, many of whom have been with us for many years. I still get a buzz from seeing residents happy and their questions or problems resolved, that is why I am still here after nearly twelve years. 

In 2015 I began a  solo project separate from Helping Haven. Living Memories Memorial Garden is a place where you can have a tree, plaque and candle for a loved one who has passed away, the service is free. I began this after being inspired from some memorial trees in RL that I once saw. The garden seems to provide a source of comfort for people who cannot visit the RL grave of their loved one.

Along the way I have also been involved in exhibiting at the SLB expos, talking at a VWBPE conference, helping some RL University students with SL assignments, charity events, exhibiting the poetry of Ratsie here at Haven, running a public beach, and I am in talks currently for short video about couples in SL who made it over to RL. We have also met some of  our SL friends in RL and a good time was had by all.

Overall I would say that my experience of Second Life has been very positive, I have met some wonderful creative and amazing people along the way, many of whom have remained good friends, some even in RL too. 

The ever changing world here, the social interaction and sharing of so many sights and sounds worldwide never ceases to enthral me. When I have time I enjoy exploring some of the more scenic sims, art exhibitions and listening to live music here.

I plan to continue in SL and look forward to meeting many more fascinating people from all over the world. 

Have a great SL and RL.

Lily Swindlehurst.

Thank you Lily for sharing your story. You have been an ongoing inspiration to me and many others in Second Life.

Regards: Pandora.

Catch up with Lily and all of the info on Haven's Facebook page.

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